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Denise Crosby

denise-crosby-star-trek-tngDenise Crosby created the role of Lt. Tasha Yar on one of the most popular TV series ever, "STAR TREK, THE NEXT GENERATION." She later returned to play Tasha's daughter "Sela," a role she helped create.

Denise co-starred alongside Fisher Stevens and Jennifer Tilly in the Fox series, "KEY WEST," and has played recurring roles on the acclaimed series, "NYPD BLUE," "THE X-FILES," “MAD MEN,” and "LOIS AND CLARK: THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN." She has guest starred in numerous TV series, most recently, "DEXTER, "CROSSING JORDAN," and "BONES." Denise is currently playing Captain Susan Sallinger on the acclaimed series “SOUTHLAND” on TNT.


She co-starred in Stephen King's classic film, "PET SEMATARY." Denise made her film debut in, "48 Hours", and went on to work with Blake Edwards in "THE MAN WHO LOVED WOMEN", and "SKIN DEEP" with the late John Ritter. She teamed up with Quentin Tarentino in "JACKIE BROWN," and Mimi Leder in "DEEP IMPACT." Denise has worked in Indie films such as the Sundance Film Festival Winner "MIRACLE MILE" and "THE RED SHOE DIARIES” directed by Zalman King.

Denise received an Ovation nomination for Best Actress for her performance in "LAST SUMMER AT BLUEFISH COVE" directed by Dorothy Lyman. She has done numerous plays, most notably the role of Tamara de Lempicka in the acclaimed play "TAMARA". Richard Dreyfuss made his theatrical directing debut with Denise in "STOPS ALONG THE WAY." Her most stage work includes two critically acclaimed plays directed by legendary acting teacher, Larry Moss, “EPITAPH FOR GEORGE DILLON” by John Osborne which opened in New York City and “BEGGARS IN THE HOUSE OF PLENTY,” by John Patrick Shanley at Theater/Theatre in L.A. Currently, Denise is starring in the Tennesee Williams play ORPHEUS DESCENDING at the Theatre/Theatre in Los Angeles with outstanding reviews. To quote one recent review, "Denise Crosby as Lady personifies grace under pressure with languid fluidity. Crosby is simply a joy to watch. From the tired, aged beauty and victim of circumstances to the saucy, confident heroine in the third act, Crosby never tips her hand. With magnificent self-restraint and a quiet, simmering confidence, Crosby owns the stage…simply put—this is her show and she radiates even from the shadows like a single flame".

Denise CrosbyDenise has also worn a different hat as Producer and Host of the feature documentary "TREKKIES" released by Paramount Pictures. The film reteams her with director Roger Nygard who directed her in the Indie comedy "HIGH STRUNG", written by comedian Steve Oedekerk. They have also worked together on the sequel, "TREKKIES 2" currently out on Paramount Home Video.
Denise currently resides in L.A. with her husband, writer Ken Sylk and their 11 year old son, Augie, along with 3 golldfish, 2 cats, and a very sweet Basset Hound named Clementine.

Born (2007) ..... Catherine
Ripple Effect (2007) .... Ronald's Wife
Mortuary (2005) .... Leslie Doyle
The Bus Stops Here (2003) .... Chatty Woman at Bus Stop
Legend of the Phantom Rider (2002).... Sarah Jenkins
Star Trek: Armada (1999) (VG) .... Sela (voice)
Deep Impact (1998) .... Vicky Hotchner
Divorce: A Contemporary Western (1998) .... Kay
Jackie Brown (1997) .... Public Defender (uncredited)
Executive Power (1997) .... Christine Rolands
Red Shoe Diaries 13: Four on the Floor (1996) .... The Psychiatrist
Dream Man (1995) .... Barbara
Mutant Species (1995) .... Carol-Anne ... aka Bio-Force I
Max (1994) .... Jayne Blake
Red Shoe Diaries: The Psychiatrist .... The Psychiatrist
Relative Fear (1994) .... Connie Madison
Ritmo del silenzio, Il (1993) .... Bella Blu
Red Shoe Diaries 2: Double Dare (1993) .... Officer Lynn "Mona" McCabe ("You Have The Right To Remain Silent")
The Black Sabbath Story Vol. 2 (1992) .... Herself
Dolly Dearest (1992) .... Marilyn Read
Flash III: Deadly Nightshade (1992) .... Rebecca Frost
High Strung (1991) .... Melanie
... aka Pissed Off (USA: alternative title)
Tennessee Nights (1989).... Sally Lomas
... aka Black Water
... aka Tennessee Waltz (USA)
Pet Sematary (1989).... Rachel Creed

Skin Deep (1989) .... Angela 'Angie' Smith
Miracle Mile (1988) .... Landa
Arizona Heat (1988) ... Jill Andrews
Eliminators (1986) .... Col. Nora Hunter
Desert Hearts (1985).... Pat
The Man Who Loved Women (1983) .... Enid
Curse of the Pink Panther (1983) .... Denise
Trail of the Pink Panther (1982) .... Denise
48 Hrs. (1982).... Sally
10 (1979) .... Party Guest (uncredited)
Southland: Derailed (2009)....Susan Salinger
Family Guy: Not All Dogs Go To Heaven (2009).....Lt. Tasha Yar
Prison Break: Going Under (2008).....Doctor
Madmen: The Benefactor (2008).....Gertie
Madmen: For Those Who Think Young (2008).....Gertie
Bones: The Secret in the Soil (2007).....Margie Curtis
Dexter: Popping Cherry (2006)...... Harry's Nurse
Eyes: Shots (2005) .... Justine Canning
Crossing Jordan: Fire in the Sky (2004) .... Carla Moran
Threat Matrix: Cold Cash (2003) .... Gillian Sadler
The Agency: Sleeping Dogs Lie (2002) .... Det. Reidy
The Division: This Thing Called Love (2002) .... Mrs. Alison Tisdale
JAG: Capital Crime (2002) TV Episode .... Mrs. Dietz
Weakest Link: Star Trek Edition" (2001) TV Episode .... Herself
Judging Amy: Look Closer (2001) .... Ms. Nasretian
The X Files: Essence (2001) .... Dr. Mary Speake
The X Files: Empedocles (2001) .... Dr. Mary Speake
NYPD Blue: Flight of Fancy (2001) .... Lt. Susan Dalto
NYPD Blue: Thumb Enchanted Evening (2001) s .... Lt. Susan Dalto
The Drew Carey Show: The Warsaw Closes (2001).... Officer Hayes
Family Law: For Love (2000) .... Doris Collins
Snoops: The Stolen Diskette (2000) .... Mrs. Evelyn Houtch
The Rockford Files: If It Bleeds... It Leads (1999)s .... Mrs. Muller
Chance of a Lifetime (1998).... Katie
Pumpkin Man (1998) .... Laurel Hollway
Baywatch: Rendezvous (1997) .... Emily Morgan
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Fear Itself (1996) .... Isabelle Maynard
Diagnosis Murder: Murder on the Run: Part 2 (1996) .... Didi Harris
Diagnosis Murder: Murder on the Run: Part 1 (1996) .... Didi Harris
Sisters: Judgment Day (1995) .... Cynthia Albright
Lois & Clark: The Phoenix (1995) .... Dr. Gretchen Kelly
Diagnosis Murder: The New Healers (1995) .... Cynthia Holling
Lois & Clark: A Bolt from the Blue (1994) .... Dr. Gretchen Kelly
Lois & Clark: Madame Ex (1994) .... Dr. Gretchen Kelly
Models Inc.: Good Girls Finish Last (1994) Actress .... Ursula Edwards
Journey's End: The Saga of Star Trek - The Next Generation (1994) Herself
Star Trek: The Next Generation: All Good Things...: Part 1 (1994).... Lieutenant Tasha Yar
Star Trek: The Next Generation: All Good Things...: Part 2 (1994) TV .... Lieutenant Tasha Yar
The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.: No Man's Land (1993) .... Sheriff Jenny Taylor
Civil Wars: Captain Kangaroo Court (1993) Actress
Key West (1993) .... Chaucy Caldwell
Johnny Bago: Hail the Conquering Marrow (1993) .... Dr. Candace David
Red Shoe Diaries: You Have the Right to Remain Silent (1992).... Officer Lynn 'Mona' McCabe
Jack's Place: What's New? (1992) ...Actress
Star Trek: The Next Generation: Unification: Part 2 (1991) .... Sela
Dark Justice: Forbes for the Defense (1991) .... Christina Forbes
Star Trek: The Next Generation: Redemption: Part 2 (1991) .... Sela
Star Trek: The Next Generation: Redemption: Part 1 (1991).... Lieutenant Tasha Yar] (uncredited)
Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Minds Eye (1991) .... Sela (voice) (uncredited)
The Flash: The Deadly Nightshade (1991).... Rebecca Frost
Hunter: All That Glitters (1991) .... Pam Sutton
WIOU: Labored Relations (1991) ...Actress
Star Trek 25th Anniversary Special (1991) .... Herself
Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Most Toys (1990) .... Tasha Yar (uncredited)
Star Trek: The Next Generation: Yesterday's Enterprise (1990) .... Lieutenant Tasha Yar
Mancuso, FBI: I Cover the Waterfront (1989) .... Toni Simmons
Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-88) .... Lieutenant Tasha Yar
Ohara: Laura (1987) .... Rachel Winters
L.A. Law: Gibbon Take (1986) .... Joan Turtletaub
The Family Martinez (1986) Actress 
Malice in Wonderland (1985) .... Carole Lombard
... aka The Rumor Mill
Stark (1985) .... Kim Parker
My Wicked, Wicked Ways-The Legend of Errol Flynn (1985).... Diana Dyrenforth
Cocaine: One Man's Seduction (1983) .... Teller
Days of Our Lives (1980) .... Lisa Davis

Spy Game: Go, Girl .... Chrysalis
Trekkies 2 (2004) .... Herself [Executive Producer]
Trekkies (1997) .... Herself [Co-executive Producer]