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The combination of cruise, Star Trek Show, celebs, food, fun and more is too much to pass up. Being a part of the Star Trek Cruise is an experience NO one wants to miss!
  • Deborah Ford
  • actress/celeb character impersonator/writer/author
  • SW Florida
  • Deborah Smith Ford
This is a Star Trek "voyage," and anyone who likes anything sci-fi will also LOVE this cruise!
We're so excited to attend this year's cruise, not only to get the chance to meet such great celebrities, but also to reconnect with the wonderful friends we made last year!
  • Terilynn Shull
  • The Land of Enchantment
The Star Trek Cruise experience is an amazing thing. Every night we had dinner with a Actor/Actress as well as having events (i.e. movie screenings, signings, etc.) with them. The people (both celebrity and non-celebrity alike) were just amazing, and 4 months later we are all still talking. I highly recommend this cruise to anyone, and if you go, you will see me there!
  • Michael R. Federman
  • Chicago, IL
We were on the first Star Trek Cruise, and had a great time. The Mariner of the Seas is a beautiful (and extremely large) ship with plenty of activities and events to keep you busy. What impressed us about the Star Trek Cruise was the accessibility and friendliness of the celebrities that were on board. Being able to dine, converse, and hang out with actors who have played some of our favorite Star Trek characters was more than we imagined it would be. The actors were very entertaining, talented, and generally fun to hang around without all the trappings of Hollywood. We still keep in touch with some of the celebrities and have gone on to form genuine friendships with them.
Deb and I are advid Star Trek fans have been and always will be. When we heard about the opportunity to hang out with celebrities from all across the Star Trek universe we jumped at the chance. We are glad that we did becuase of the more one on one experience. From enjoying dinners with celebrites, to having drinks, and who can forget the great conversations we got to have with celebrities like Chase Masterson, Gary Graham, Garrett Wang, and Anthoney Montgomery. We had wonderful time on the 1st annual Star Trek Cruise and are looking forward to the next. The celebrities were great and it was nice getting to know them on a more intimate level. Brian & Debbie Harper
  • Brian & Debbie Harper
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